CZC Technology Group Guidelines


Information and communication technology is essential for CZC to function efficiently and for the CZC to keep in contact with its members. Technology group performs under the Board of Directors and provides expert guidance for CZC to develop replacement and upgrade plans as well as incorporate and integrate new technologies into CZC usage. Technology group covers a wide range of technology areas, including  but not limited to: computers, copiers/printers, phone, bulletin (email/website/magazine/…), video, sound and security systems.

This group follows the CZC bylaws and guidelines. The CZC BOD may request to meet with the group on occasion and will rely on the group to assess the state of the technology systems and to recommend any budgetary expenditure as part of an ongoing plan.


The Technology group works optimally with 7 core members. Members of Technology group are selected from the CZC active members and one member from the CZC staff. Members should have sufficient technology skills and knowledge as well as an understanding of the CZC's mission in order to ensure that the use of technology will help the CZC achieve its broader mission and goals.

In the selection of members, knowledge about how to use the technology is preferable to how the technology works but both are needed in the group.  Younger CZC members tend to be more tech savvy and are invited to participate in this group.

Current IT members:

  • Ardeshir Baghkhanian
  • Rostam Shirmardian
  • Sassan Soroushi
  • Shahbahram Poladzandi
  • Parviz Manoochehri
  • Firouz Felfeli
  • Shabnam Pakseresht 

Areas of Responsibility

The technology group is responsible for these tasks:

  1. Develop and regularly update a technology plan, providing the research, writing, and editing of the plan for approval by the Board of Directors for the ongoing evolution, upgrading, and replacement of systems.
  2. Establish technology use directives and procedures for shared equipment to insure that the technology is made available for use and properly maintained.
  3. Propose and prioritize technology projects as needed and as part of the plan.
  4. Monitor the progress of technology projects in conjunction with the designated staff person.
  5. Conduct an annual survey of commissions and committees to update the status of the technology plan, to assess current technology use, and to determine any changes or needs.
  6. Support other CZC Committee as needed. 

Please contact the CZC Office at (714) 893-4737 if you are interested in being part of this committee.

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